Who are the Bravehearts? What is FCA? The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) offers an opportunity to unite an individual's two passions: faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA offers opportunities in all sports, across the US, and has done so for over 60 years.

The Bravehearts is a volleyball team associated with the FCA operating in Carroll County, Maryland. The Bravehearts players, through outstanding coaching and training, display excellence in volleyball skills and knowledge of the game. More importantly, as a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the character of our players on and off the court is the priority. These young women look for the opportunity to love and serve their teammates, opponents, host schools, parents and fans.

The Bravehearts program offers various activities throughout the year. Fall is our competitive team season, but you'll also find us busy in the spring and summer with camps, open gyms, skills clinics and our annual outdoor 2 on 2 Bash Tournament. Add to that the various team building activities, fund raiser events and our end of year banquet and you start to see that we're busy year round.

Interested in the Bravehearts program? Perhaps as a player? Maybe a sponsor? We also have opportunities for coaches and board member positions. We'd love to see you get involved, helping to make our various activities a success. Use this website to keep up to date on all of the happenings. We have the contact form as an easy way to reach out to us. Look for us on Facebook as well and participate in the social exchange.

The Bravehearts isn't just a volleyball program, it's a chance to develop young women in the image of Christ, while playing a game that is challenging and fun. Once a Braveheart, always a Braveheart. We are ambassadors for Christ wherever we go. Let's love well.



Board Members

  • Shelly Pearre - Athletic Director

  • Robin Hoke - Scheduler

  • Jenny Griffin - Character Coach

  • Dianna Wilson - Event Coordinator

  • Greg Pearre - Treasurer


  • Brittany Schaeffer - Varsity Coach

  • VACANT - Junior Varsity Coach

  • Denise Culbertson - Middle School Coach